Personal assistant services

Contact us and let our personal assistant services take care of everything, from your ordinary day-to-day errands to any more complex requests you might have from time to time, so you can sit back and concentrate on what’s really important… Enjoying Life!


Personal assistant services

You can rely on callCarlos’ personal assistant services in Spain to save you time and assist you in all aspects of your Costa Brava life. Whether it be tedious tasks such as sorting out annoying utility bills, immigration paperwork or importing your vehicle,  to simpler (but nonetheless time-consuming) chores like sourcing babysitters, running errands or planning appointments, we understand that some of the simplest jobs in life can be the most monotonous and frustrating. No request is too large or too small for our team.


Modern butler

Our personal assistant services are like having your own concierge, or “modern butler”, to take care of those everyday chores you can’t do or don’t want to do, but that still need to be done. Be it grocery shopping, getting firewood delivered, paying bills, organising parties or catering, making restaurant reservations, arranging a babysitter or a taxi, or even finding someone to walk the dog, callCarlos’ personal assistant services guarantee you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of. Even if you want to organise a paella for 20 people, no problem! Just callCarlos and watch it happen!


Managing bureaucracy

One of the downsides of moving to a foreign country, even to a place as wonderful as the Costa Brava, is having to deal with the local bureaucracy, especially if you are less than fluent in the local language.

We are experts when it comes to obtaining your N.I.E. (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) and registering both yourself and your car with your local Ajuntament (Town Hall) so that you can avail of free parking within your municipality.

We are also old hands at importing foreign vehicles and getting them reregistered with Spanish plates, getting the most competitive insurance quotes and managing any claims. We can guide you through obtaining a Spanish driving licence and the annual vehicle inspections (ITV).

Registering with your local health centre, or CAP (Centro de Asistencia Primaria) is something that you’ll want to take care of as soon as possible in order to avail yourself of Spain’s excellent health service. We’ll arrange the paperwork and ensure you have your CatSalut health card promptly, and can also advise on private health insurance, should you so desire.

Utility companies can be especially frustrating to deal with so why not let our team assist with any issues that may arise. We can also advise on alternative sources of electricity and water which might end up saving you lots of money in the long run.

We can even help you register for language courses if you want to speed up your local integration!


Television from home

Even if you master Catalan or Spanish, you may still want to be able to watch your favourite TV channels from your home country. No matter where you come from, just callCarlos and we can arrange TV from back home and get it set up for you.


Local experts

At callCarlos we like to think of ourselves as the leading experts in our local area and so our Spanish personal assistant services can also provide you with recommendations on the best places to eat (and make the reservations); come up with ideas for a great day out in the area, such as air-ballooning, where to play a round of golf or spending the day at a spa; suggest itineraries for a day’s hiking or cycling, or the best beaches; shop for groceries or gifts and organise events or parties, sourcing caterers and live entertainment as well as coordinating the invitations and RSVPs.

Come to us with any query or an idea and we’ll work with you to help make it a reality. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and we’ll keep you informed about local events and festivals, the latest news, and what’s going on in the area in general.


Other services

Of course, you can combine our personal assistant services with our Spanish property management services, such as our pool and spa maintenance service, our garden maintenance service, our home cleaning or renovations and repair services.


Personal assistant services: customer’s experience

“Since October 2017 I’m using callCarlos. They are friendly, professional and hands-on. They help me with (almost) anything. The garden, the pool, grocery shopping, supervise projects, arranging fuel on a cold Sunday to get the heating restarted. And at a moderate cost. They charge per hour and with a 10-15% commission, but undoubtedly, I’d have paid more and gotten less had I arranged everything myself. Plus, no hassle, just celebrating my holidays.”

– E.D.K.


Let's enjoy life!