Home maintenance & repairs

As part of our general property management services, the callCarlos team are on standby for any home maintenance jobs or running repairs that might be necessary to keep your Costa Brava home in perfect condition all year round, even when you’re not here. callCarlos are your go-to guys for all types & sizes of jobs here on the Costa Brava.

Home maintenance and repairs

We’ll take care of any repairs or any extra home maintenance you need done around the house, be it plumbing, electrics, painting, plastering, carpentry or brickwork. No task is too big or small for our hardworking team of experts, and whatever job needs to be done will be carried out at the least inconvenience possible to you. Our guys will treat your home as if it were their own!

Plumbing & electrical

Our team does more than fix leaks! As well as repairing or replacing those dripping taps, we can install and fix sinks and toilets. In addition, we have experience installing and maintaining filters to purify drinking water or provide decalcification at source for household appliances. We can also install lighting, both indoor and outdoor, including items such as surge protectors or other electrical components, or even just fit a few extra sockets if that’s all that’s required.


We have access to skilled carpenters who can carry out a variety of carpentry repairs and installations, such as the replacement of rotting wood, installing or repairing wooden cabinets, or building and installing sheds, fences and decorative wooden features.


One of the most obvious of home maintenance jobs is painting. We all think we have the time to do those little paint jobs around the home, but many people fail to realise how little of the time needed for a paint job is the actual painting. Much more time-consuming is all the prep work beforehand, and then the all-important clean-up afterwards. callCarlos provide both interior and exterior professional painting, complete with all the preparation and clean-up.

Handyman stuff

Whether it’s those pictures that still need to be hung on your walls, new shelves for the garage, or that door that doesn’t quite close properly, our handymen will get all those niggly jobs done promptly. We’re old hands at this home maintenance and repairs stuff and already have all the tools and the skills necessary, so there’s no need for you to make trips back and forth to the DIY store to purchase an additional kit. We can also assist with general odd jobs, such as the ordering, transport and storage of firewood. Whatever you need, we’ll have your house ready when you or your renters arrive.

Other Services

Of course, you can combine our home maintenance and repairs services with some of our other services, such as our pool and spa maintenance service, our garden maintenance service, our cleaning services or our managing bureaucracy service.

Home maintenance: testimonials

I have my house here now for many years and have seen companies come and go. callCarlos has done quite a few things for me and I must say that what they’ve done has been done fast and according to what we have agreed upon. They provide realistic prices and I never have the feeling they increase the price because of my large house. Which has happened to me before. If you want a reliable, fast service, I recommend callCarlos.

– C. van Hoorn

After years of trying, we found the right partner with callCarlos over the past few years. All work in our house, the garden and the swimming pool are entrusted to them. Also in case of malfunctions and other matters, the employees are ready to help. There are no misunderstandings and everything is done in a constructive, pleasant way. Moreover, callCarlos’s standing within the local community ensures everything runs smoothly with suppliers and subcontractors. You can safely call them.

– Tony van der Geld

Great company with very experienced owners and employees. They renovated my house, pool and garden, have looked after my property while I was abroad for over a year, taken care of all necessary maintenance, and took care of all rental issues. They can be trusted and will make sure that, if something goes wrong, it will be solved. Highly recommended!!!

– Steven Fernandes



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