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About us

Who we are

Despite technology it seems we still have less time left for doing the things we really want to do! There are things in life you either don´t want to do, can´t do or don´t have time to do. This is when you need callCarlos a unique home maintenance & personal assistance service company to give you that free time!

What we do

callCarlos maintains and cares for your belongings whatever it may be in your private life or your business. You can call us for anything and we will help you in a responsive, professional and personal way.

How we do

We specialise in finding the best possible solution for you. Our work starts from the moment we receive your request until it is completed to your satisfaction. The advantage working with callCarlos is you have one point of contact, one invoice, and no hassle.


Your request

Click below the things you don’t want to do, can’t do or don’t have time to do. Our work starts from the moment we receive your request.
Check your house
Your property will be checked inside and outside on a regular basis
Extra works and small repairs
All work that we can't do ourselves, will be executed by specialists in their trade
Pool maintenance
A clean pool all year round and maintenance when required
Garden maintenance
We keep your garden clean and in good condition and if you need a specific area cleaned and pruned we can do this also
Cleaning service
Regular high quality cleaning whenever you need it - including cleaning of blocked drains and water spills
Modern butler
Make reservations, groceries, organisation of parties, BBQ's and many more...
Utility companies
Nothing more time consuming than dealing with utility companies - especially if you have problems
Project Management
Develop ideas and designs, finding the best supplier, and control projects
Rent or sell your house
We help you selling, renting or buying properties (... or your car, boat, etc.)


Or click below and choose our packages
Check your house on regular basis and small issues repaired on the spot
HOME© optional
Monthly services such as cleaning + garden and pool maintenance
HOME© convenience
Your personal assistance services
Fill in the form and your request is sent directly to us

We will help you in a convenient, professional, and personal way


  • Estoy muy satisfecho con la gestión realizada para solucionar el cambio de nombre del vehículo que adquirí, por mediacion de Uds. Han sido honestos y claros en todo momento y se han encargado de hacer lo que para mi no era posible, por motivos laborales. Muchas gracias!!!!

    - Javier
  • 03-02-2016 | ‘Wat ik prettig vind om te merken bij callCarlos is dat ze daadwerkelijk met me mee denken. Als iets goedkoper kan, dan zullen ze dat altijd zeggen, ook al is dat niet direct in hun voordeel. Ze vinden altijd manieren om kosten te besparen. Ook hebben ze me geholpen om mijn huis te verhuren. Als je op zoek bent naar een bedrijf dat je kan helpen bij alle zaken die je wilt uitbesteden en wilt laten uitvoeren zoals je het zelf wilt hebben, dan kan ik je van harte callCarlos aanraden.’

    - Eric K.
  • ‘I do not need their checking services. I am here every month and do not see the added value if they check the house every fortnight. But they have helped me on many occasions and I must say that they are one of the few that do as they promise. If they say they will call at 14.00 on Saturday in two weeks time, they will call at 14.00. I do not speak Spanish, so they are a great help dealing with service providers.’

    - J. Pater
  • ‘It took us a while to appreciate the added value of their services. Yes, it costs us more than if we did it ourselves, but they project manage everything so we have more time for other things. They get it done the way we want, which is often a problem dealing with Spanish builders or plumbers, due to language problems. I would recommend them to those looking for a responsive and reliable company that do what they say when they say it will be done. They saved us time and frustration.’

    - A. and J. Ball
  • ‘Sinds enkele jaren zijn wij klant bij callCarlos. Vanaf het begin geeft men je het gevoel dat zij er werkelijk alles voor willen doen. Niets is teveel. Wij besteden dan ook alles uit aan callCarlos. De tuin, het zwembad. Maar ook de begeleiding bij de emigratie was top. Men zorgde voor een goeie accountant en een Nederlandse verzekeringspersoon (Hans Wolters). callCarlos kun je gerust de sleutel van je huis geven, ja zelfs je portemonnee. 100% betrouwbaarheid is van groot belang. callCarlos staat garant voor onze vakantie!’

    - J & T P.
  • ‘I have my house here now for many, many years and have seen many companies come and go. callCarlos has done quit a few things for me and I must say that what they have done has been done fast and according to what we have agreed upon. They come with realistic prices and most of all I have the feeling they do not drive up the price because I have a large house. Which has happened to me more than once. If you want a reliable and fast service, I recommend callCarlos.’

    - C. van Hoorn
  • ‘Wij hebben bewust gekozen voor het bedrijf callCarlos. Belangrijk voor ons is de persoonlijke aanpak, dat je direct met de verantwoordelijke kan spreken. Korte lijnen. Ik ben zelf schrijnwerker van beroep en ben erg precies qua afwerking en keuze in materialen. Mijn vrouw en ik hebben callCarlos nu een aantal projecten laten uitvoeren en elke keer zijn we ontzettend blij met het resultaat. Als we in de auto zitten verheugen we ons altijd om te zien hoe het nu weer is geworden. Wat dit bedrijf onderscheid van andere bedrijven is dat ze echt met me meedenken en niet bang zijn om advies te geven, ook al is dat niet altijd in hun voordeel. Wij laten ons huis achter met een gerust gevoel.’

    - R & N Schepers
  • ‘The team at callCarlos has changed my life. We’ve owned a stone home in a medieval village near La Bisbal since 1998 and had nonstop headaches in trying to manage the property from afar until we found callCarlos. The callCarlos team has taken on so many of the small and large tasks that go along with owning and renting out a vacation rental. I can’t say enough about them. They’ve helped with everything from licensing, to renovations, to helping with guests who rent the house. In short, they’ve been a bit of a godsend. I highly recommend the team. Prompt, responsive, resourceful, imaginative and dependable. Truly great service!’

    - Kristen S.


  • palm-trees
    callCarlos alert!

    Protect your palm trees

    Have you seen the brochure about The Red Palm Weevil in your mail from the city council of Calonge? These insects destroy palm trees. Among other treatments the city council recommends traps. The trap uses pheromones to attract the insects. callCarlos offers ecological pest control specifically designed to lure The Red Palm Weevil with pheromones. It consist of a trap that we will supply, check and keep filled for only € 15,- per month ex. TAX*. If you love your palm trees contact us and we will explain to you exactly how it works.

  • fashion-weekend-bedankt


    Last weekend we have been at the Costa Brava Fashion Weekend. It was a great festival. It was an honour to be the sponsor! We enjoyed the new and up-coming artists, designers and live performers. Thanks to all of you that came to see us. We can truthfully say it was a great success. We have met a lot of interested people, but besides that we think that every visitor enjoyed the event. And that’s where it is all about. See you next time at a next event!

  • fashion-weekend-2

    Costa Brava Fashion Weekend

    This year callCarlos will be present at the Costa Brava Fashion Weekend as sponsor. The objective of the event is to give upcoming designers and artists a platform. The event is a “must see” happening for young and old. It is organised by an association that has a non profit objective. It will take place 5, 6 and 7 of August 2016 from 18.00 until 00.00 in Sant Antoni de Calonge. For more details please check Costa Brava Fashion Weekend. We hope to see you there.

  • save-time-and-money

    Save time and money

    People some times ask us what it is we do for our customers? Our answer is: “We do everything for our customers they cannot do,  do not have the time to do or just don’t want to do. It is a very broad spectrum of things we do. In general you could say that we save people time and money. Enjoy life, we’ll do the rest.
  • clausula-suelo

    ‘Clausula Suelo’

    Some homeowners have bought a house in the past years and signed a mortgage with one of the banks in which they have included a ‘Clausula Suelo’. In short this means, that although the interest rate is almost 0% right now, you still pay the minimum amount that they have made you sign. The high court of Spain has ruled that this is illegal and that the banks should stop immediately, and even in some cases have to pay back the excess amount you have paid. We have worked on several cases for customers and the result is that they stopped paying the excess amount and we are also looking into how we can claim the money back that they have paid too much. Please feel free to call or email us for an appointment. We look forward hearing from you.
  • the-tower-mansion

    Beautiful tower mansion

    In the town of Cruilles, near Bisbal de d’Empordà, there is a nucleus of houses that form the old town. One of our customers owns the tower mansion. It’s a very old house, but inside we have helped bringing it up to date. It sleeps 10 people and is a magnificent starting point for (active) people that want to explore the countryside of the Baix Empordà. If you are interested, we can arrange a visit, so you can see for yourself. On demand we can send pictures so you have a better image of the house and surroundings. Our email address: info@callCarlos.es
  • 28

     Sant Narcís Festival 2016

    Girona becomes from 28/11 to 26/12 a hive of non-stop activity. Do you feel like partying? Well make sure you pay a visit!
     Sant Narcís Festival
  • 01

     Christmas Markets 2016

    The markets held in many towns from 01/12 to 26/12 on the feast days of various saints. There are plenty of options.
     Christmas Markets
  • 05

    The Three Kings 2017

     The Three Kings 2017 and the parade through the main streets of cities/towns, leaving a trail of sweets.
     The Three Kings
  • 23

    Saint George's Day 2017

    Don't miss this special day in 2017! The streets are filled with people strolling among the flower and book stalls.
     Diada de Sant Jordi
  • 13

    Flower Festival 2017

    From 13/05/17 to 21/05/17, the colours and aromas of flowers fill the squares and streets of the city of Girona.
     Girona, Temps de Flors



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Enjoy life, we'll do the rest