Tap Water

A question often asked by foreigners coming to Spain is “Can I drink the tap water?” The simple answer is yes, you can! Between 1986 and 2008 Spain received €21 billion in EU funding for water infrastructure. Today they have some of the most advanced public water filtrations and wastewater management solutions in the world. Tap water in Spain complies with international water quality standards, but there may be issues such as taste, chlorine by-products, microplastics and local pipe contaminants. If you are concerned about any of these you could buy yourself a water filter, and this has the added advantage of saving you money in the long run compared to buying bottled water – and of course, it will help reduce the amount of plastic waste you produce too.

Fancy a vermut?

As they did last April and May, the Town Hall in Palamós is launching an initiative again this spring, involving 23 local bars, to promote “going for a vermut”. This will involve live street music, many shops opening on Sunday mornings and, most importantly, vermouth plus a tapa at very economical prices in each of the designated bars, with the aim of attracting visitors to the town on Sundays. You can find out when and where these free live concerts are happening here.  (And don’t forget, it’s doesn’t have to be vermouth – and it doesn’t have to be Sunday!) 😉

If you’d like to read a short history of vermut, just check-out our previous blog.

Enjoying your lunch with a killer view

For all the time I have lived in Calonge, I have never really enjoyed any of the restaurants along the beach in Sant Antoni de Calonge, as quality and atmosphere are missing in most of them. Maybe there are one or two spots that are worthwhile, but my preference would be somewhere else for lunch or dinner during a day at the beach. Last Christmas we decided to take a stroll along the beach in Sant Antoni and we noticed a new dining spot: Mundet.

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