Enjoying your lunch with a killer view

For all the time I have lived in Calonge, I have never really enjoyed any of the restaurants along the beach in Sant Antoni de Calonge, as quality and atmosphere are missing in most of them. Maybe there are one or two spots that are worthwhile, but my preference would be somewhere else for lunch or dinner during a day at the beach. Last Christmas we decided to take a stroll along the beach in Sant Antoni and we noticed a new dining spot: Mundet.

Because of its well-designed, warm interior and cosy terrace, it caught our eye immediately. It still amazes me that so many of these eateries in our region don’t understand or focus on a more casual, modernistic design for their restaurants and hotels. Mundet has easy access for wheelchairs as well.

Mundet belongs to the Andilana Group. That explains everything as this is a group of restaurants and hotels where design does count. This should wake up the neighbours. At least, let’s hope so…

Although design says nothing about the food to be offered, we decided to give it a shot. We were six for lunch, including my mother and two young nieces. After a 5-minute wait (the village apparently loves the newcomer in town) we were offered a lovely table on the terrace where we could enjoy the still warm December sun and the beach activities. Within minutes we received the menus and were offered some water by the young waiters.

The menu consists of 8 or 9 different tapas and snacks to share, none of which were really amazingly new to us but of course nice to share amongst the six of us. All were of good quality with decent flavours.

For starters, one can choose from a variety of salads and soups. Main courses are rice dishes and the local fideuà. There were about 8 different fish dishes and just 3 suggestions for meat which I find a good balance for a restaurant by the sea. Main courses are priced between €10 and €15. Starters were below €10 euros which we found very affordable. One could only remark that a restaurant nowadays needs their kitchen crew to come up with one or two dishes for vegetarians and pay more attention to veggies in general. The region offers too many goodies to neglect.

Daily Menu
We went for the daily menu: a three-course meal for just €12.50, including a carafe of wine, water and bread! How can they do it we thought. What’s going to be the catch? Well… food wise there is no catch at all. Choices for starters included Mediterranean hummus with salad, gazpacho or chipirones (mini squid) from the grill. We were impressed by the quality of our salad with goat cheese and honey as a starter. Simple, but very tasty.  For my main course I had dorade from the oven with potato, onion and tomatoes, all really prepared as you would expect in more expensive specialized restaurants in Palamós or Girona. The vino de la casa was good but not great, but no complaints and the bread was crispy and served in a fun Christmas shape. We were just really impressed. Other choices on the menu were tuna steak and a grilled filet of veal.

Was there nothing to complain about? Yes, there was…the service. These youngsters aren’t trained well, they forget things all the time, bring one glass if you ask for 6 and expect us to drink wine and water from the same glass or from the bottle. We had to repeatedly ask for things and spent half the lunch waiting for several of our orders. And we tried to be low maintenance and patient…

If the management could only fix this Mundet would be a must-go once per month for me. I am afraid this is a true organisational problem within the Andilana group because I have seen it before in their other restaurants. Nevertheless, we will give them the benefit of the doubt because Mundet has a chef and crew in that kitchen that really knows what they are doing. The interior is so cool, and the staff are friendly, but just inexperienced.

So, go check out Mundet and give it a try. Go there when you are not in a rush and for sure you will all have a very tasty lunch or dinner for affordable prices. And please, please Chef: work on your desserts! The ending of a meal deserves more attention and creativity.

I hope Mundet will force other restaurants in Sant Antoni to improve and step up to the plate. It would make the whole beach front a future place to be, not just for locals but also the happy few. Quality will attract a new crowd that used to avoid this beach in the summer. Oh, and yes…there is a kid’s menu with nice choices, but my nieces eat like adults, digging into squid, arroz negro and other local dishes. They were happy with the food and also because they could play just in front of us on the beach!

Restaurant Mundet
Passeig de Josep Mundet, 70
Sant Antoni de Calonge

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