La Costa Brava in a bottle!

Following on from our previous post about the chicken farm in Forallac, here’s one about another local company that is not that long in operation: La Brava beer. Inspired by the beauty of this spectacular part of the world and named accordingly, two local guys decided to try and produce a beer that would capture the essence of the Costa Brava in a bottle for you to enjoy.

The result was La Brava! Although for the moment the beer is being brewed under licence in a 100-year-old brewery in the Czech Republic, the taste is all Costa Brava – and where better than the Czech Republic itself to remain faithful to the pilsner style, the world’s most popular type of beer! Now available in more and more bars as well as shops and supermarkets, it’s easy to spot with its distinctive blue label. It’s especially refreshing on those sunny summer days we all love so much (but it’s great any time of the year!) – so when you fell that thirst coming on, why not give it a try! Check out their website for more information.

If you have a holiday home being looked after by callCarlos, you’ll even find some Brava Beer waiting for you when you return! And if you have a meeting in our office about getting a job done, we might even encourage you with another bottle or two! 😉

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