What you should always carry in your car in Spain

As a quick follow-up to our recent blog about “Driving in Spain”, here’s a list of what is obligatory by Spanish law to have in your vehicle at all times:

two warning triangles; a fluorescent “hi-vis” vest for everyone in the vehicle (so if it’s a 5-seater you should have five vests at all times); a spare tyre and the tools to change it. In terms of documentation you are required to have your driving licence, an up to date ITV sticker in your windscreen plus the accompanying document in the car, and your Permiso de Circulación which shows who the car is registered to and where…

You should also have your insurance policy documentation as well as a European Accident Agreement (Declaración Amistoso de Accidente de Automóvil). While these last two are not strictly legally mandatory, they will certainly speed things up in case of an accident and make your life easier. Just callCarlos if you have any queries!

Driving in France
Everyone driving to Spain from any northern country has one thing in common: they have to drive through France. (Ok, not if you’re coming from Andorra, but everyone else!). Regulations for driving in France have been updated recently and French police will randomly stop foreign-registered vehicles to check they have the correct equipment for driving in France. Some of the requirements are the same as in Spain, such as the high visibility vests and warning triangles, but there are some that are different.

By French law it is mandatory to carry a spare bulb kit for your vehicle, should you have a failure. While most motorists would get a broken bulb fixed as soon as possible, the French police deem it necessary to replace it there and then on the grounds of safety. It is also compulsory to carry a personal breathalyser kit with at least two disposable testing units – and having a foreign-registered vehicle won’t get you off the hook if you are stopped by the police and are found not to have one. The blood alcohol content for France is 0.5, as it is in every country with which it shares a border.

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