Catalan health service: a personal experience

My positive experience with the Spanish/Catalan health service!
In April I travelled to Spain to spend 6 months as I do every year. In Leiden, where I live in the Netherlands, I had already been diagnosed with lumbar stenosis and an operation scheduled for November. I wanted to spend the summer deciding if the operation was really necessary.

Unfortunately, in May the symptoms started to worsen as my radial axis was decreasing and the pain intensifying. It got to the point that I decided to go to the Costa Brava Medic in San Antoni de Calonge for painkillers but was immediately referred by Dr. Lazo to Clinica Bofill in Girona. The next morning already (!) I was able to go there for a scan and a conversation with a specialist. An operation was unavoidable, the situation would only get worse with all the associated risks.

I was able to undergo surgery within 2 weeks. All files were sent from Leiden to Girona and the conclusion and the approach to the operation were the same. We contacted the health insurance company and with the travel insurance they set a budget within which everything could be realized. We had interpreters at the hospital, Jane and Nina from Bofill International Department, so that there was no confusion of speech. That was also very pleasant. The operation by Dr. Becerra went perfectly.

The stay at the hospital was excellent, even if the rooms were maybe somewhat outdated. I have nothing but praise for the preliminary process, the operation, the stay and the aftercare. The smoothness of the whole process, including the coordination between Leiden and Girona, and the pace at which the procedure was possible was particularly pleasant.

As for me, I am enjoying the sea here for the rest of the summer. What better place to rehabilitate!

Kees Klerks

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