The chiringuitos are back!

Did you know, the word chiringuito (xiringuito in Catalan) originated from sugar-cane plantations in Cuba the 19th century?

When the workers stopped for a break, they would have a coffee drink they called a chiringo, the diminutive of which is chiringuito. They would erect a basic structure using the long sugar canes and leaves to provide shelter from the baking sun and over time the word chiringuito came to mean a basic outdoor bar.

The first chiringuito “beach bar” in Spain opened in 1913 in Sitges, Catalunya and nowadays they can be found on almost every beach during the summer months. They are licensed to operate from around March or April (depending on Easter) until the end of October. Some open earlier or shut down later than others, but when the season is done, they are dismantled until the next year. So, you can once again enjoy drinks on the beach, and don’t forget the seafood!

Some, like L’Onada on the main beach in Palamós occasionally even have entertainment. They have a piano on-site and a local character comes along, usually on Sundays, to bang out a few tunes!

Castells de Catalunya

With all the excitement around Game of Thrones returning to our screens for its final season and tourists flocking to Girona to see the filming locations, we thought now would be a good time to remind you that there are plenty of other castles throughout the province of Girona that are well worth visiting.

In fact, there too many to try and fit them all into one blog so we have selected nine of those closest to us here on the Costa Brava, starting at the French border and working our way south. We have deliberately left out the cities of Girona and Figueres as they deserve a blog of their own.

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Save the Earth! (And a few €€€!)

With the ever-increasing amount of evidence of the detrimental effect we humans are having on the world we live in, it is more and more important that we take steps to look after our planet. After all, it’s the only one we have and if it’s destroyed, it’s destroyed for us all!

Spain has traditionally lagged a bit behind northern European countries when it comes to areas like recycling and renewable energy, but it appears that things may be improving at last. We previously wrote a blog about recycling and you can read about it here.

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