Bon Nadal!

If you are spending your first Christmas on the Costa Brava, you’ll notice that there’s quite a difference in how it’s celebrated here compared to your home country – and even if it’s not your first there are probably a few customs that might be new to you. They have some unusual ones here!

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Let’s go hunting… mushrooms!

Once the autumn rains begin to fall there is a well-established tradition in many parts of Spain, especially Catalunya, of heading for the hills and hunting for mushrooms. And yes, it’s hunting! The locals don’t call it picking, gathering or foraging for mushrooms – unless maybe they’re referring to the likes of us blow-ins who don’t really know what we’re doing! While in English we might in some contexts use the verb “hunt” to mean “looking for”, in both Catalan and Spanish they specifically use their verb for “to hunt” (caçar / cazar) as in “to pursue and capture” when they are talking about hunting mushrooms in the wild.

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Beer, Glorious Beer!

There are many wonderful things about living in Spain and particularly so on the Costa Brava here in Catalunya. The climate is probably the most obvious of these for us ‘northerners’, along with the lower cost of living. The food is pretty damn good here too and so is the wine to go with it. However, nowhere is perfect and one area which might be a source of a little frustration to some of you at times is the lack of choice when it comes to going for a beer.

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