Girona – Temps de Flors

Many visitors who come to the Costa Brava do so for the beautiful coastline and the beaches and understandably so, given that it certainly is one of the more picturesque parts of the Spanish Mediterranean. Many others who fly into Girona-Costa Brava airport take a bus directly to Barcelona and never check out Girona city itself. If you’re one of those who have only seen Barcelona or the beaches and feel like you might be missing something; you are! So, if you think it’s high time you made the effort you’d be right and now, with spring in the air, would be the perfect time.

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The Costa Brava is, of course, famed for its many beautiful beaches (and we’ll come back to those in more detail at a later date) but for today we’re going to focus on one of the lovely villages in the region that makes for a lovely day trip: Pals. In future blogs, we will cover other local hamlets, so this is just chapter one!

Medieval Village
Situated just a few kilometres inland from the sea, Pals is a well preserved medieval village that traces its origins back to, at least, the 7th century. In fact, its name suggests possible ancient Roman origins as “Pals” derives from “Palus” which meant ‘swampy place’ in Latin. The first documentary evidence relating to the castle of Pals dates back to 889 and the second to 994.

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