Catalan Independence: What’s the story?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you are no doubt aware that the issue of Catalan Independence has been very much to the fore in recent times, particularly since the events of 1 October last. If you have been talking to any locals the topic will surely have come up repeatedly and you will have heard varying points of view. As a foreigner, it can be tricky knowing what to say or whether to give an opinion at all, at the risk of causing offence or starting a row!

This blog will to try and give you the background and a little history so that you can form your own opinion or, at least, be well informed on this thorniest of issues that looks set to be debated for the foreseeable future.

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La Siesta: Love it or hate it, you might as well get used to it!

First of all, let me just start by explaining that for the purposes of this article I will referring only to Spain (as in including Catalunya) in the interests of brevity – and when it comes to the siesta there is no real difference anyway. No offense intended to anyone!

The origins of La Siesta
I’m sure all of you had heard of la siesta before coming to the Costa Brava but actually witnessing commercial life coming to a complete halt in the middle of the day may have taken you by surprise.

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Semana Santa

Well, folks, Easter week (“Semana Santa” in Spanish / Setmana Santa in Catalán) is upon us again. Easter is the biggest religious festival of the year in the Christian calendar and is celebrated with particular fervour in Spain. In fact, Semana Santa has already started with Palm Sunday (25/03) and here in Catalunya, they have a tradition of wearing something new to mark the day. They even have a proverb that goes: “On Palm Sunday if you don’t wear something new your hands will fall off”! Continue reading “Semana Santa”