Spectacular Masia

Molí del Limbo is a large Masia, or traditional rural dwelling situated in a very secluded area near Casa de la Selva in the Girona region of Spain. Molí is Catalan for mill which, along with the property’s riverside location, indicates its original purpose. However, over many years it had been lovingly, and some may say eccentrically, converted into a residence, complete with 15 hectares of garden, paddocks and equestrian training area. Sadly, the proprietor passed away a few years ago, and the property was eventually returned to the ownership of a Dutch bank, ABN AMRO.

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Visca Barça!!! Or Girona! But probably not Espanyol…

This blog is for footie fans! If you’re not a football fan you might as well stop reading now – although there is a bit history included too, so maybe read on, at least a little!

The Best League in the World
First of all, let’s just get one thing straight here: La Liga is the best league in the world right now, and it has been for the last two decades or so. In terms of achievements in European competition, no other league has come close since the turn of the millennium, to take a nice round year. And it’s not just all about FC Barcelona and Real Madrid either.

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Bon Nadal!

If you are spending your first Christmas on the Costa Brava, you’ll notice that there’s quite a difference in how it’s celebrated here compared to your home country – and even if it’s not your first there are probably a few customs that might be new to you. They have some unusual ones here!

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Let’s go hunting… mushrooms!

Once the autumn rains begin to fall there is a well-established tradition in many parts of Spain, especially Catalunya, of heading for the hills and hunting for mushrooms. And yes, it’s hunting! The locals don’t call it picking, gathering or foraging for mushrooms – unless maybe they’re referring to the likes of us blow-ins who don’t really know what we’re doing! While in English we might in some contexts use the verb “hunt” to mean “looking for”, in both Catalan and Spanish they specifically use their verb for “to hunt” (caçar / cazar) as in “to pursue and capture” when they are talking about hunting mushrooms in the wild.

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